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LoveMusicLoveFood has only been made possible because of the generosity of individuals and companies who have given their time and resources for both a project they believe in and in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and its support of young people with cancer.

The vision behind LoveMusicLoveFood has been clear from the outset, from Roger Daltrey to Brandon Flowers, and Jaffa Cakes to Haggis. But what has made this vision a reality is its contributors, who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

The passion shown by everyone involved is a testament to what can be achieved by people working together for a purpose and for a cause they believe in.

In excess of 250 people, everyone from musicians, make-up artists, stylists and technicians to stage runners, equipment suppliers, studios and web designers have worked endlessly to ensure that LoveMusicLoveFood is both creative and encapsulating.

Since the launch of the book at Selfridges wonderful Ultra Lounge we have enjoyed an exhibition at Whisper Gallery and appearances at many of the summers music festivals.


Suppliers | Assistants


Ady La Roux

Getting down with the video, directs cuts hip hop.

Alex Macilwaine

Video juggler, Director, Editor.

Andrew Harrison

Writer for The Word, former editor of Select, Mixmag and Q. Words and sausages.

Aya Nishimura

Boiled eggs and more boiled eggs. Top food styling.

Barnaby Purdy

Illustrating angel.

Barnbrook Design

Barnbrook design bible.

Bibendum Oyster Bar

Beautiful Bibendum, bubbly for breakfast.

British Airways

Good movies, good food, good seats, great destinations.


Enough wine gums to cover Kelly Jones's bed, who can resist a chewy claret?

Carrie Louise

Set dresser/art director with flair & passion for setting the scene. White fluffy bubblegum machines for Sugababes one inspired moment of many.

Charlie Inman

Video juggler, Director, Editor, Music man.

Chase 55

Chairs, cushions, cutlery, roller skating diner lady... props.

Dorita Nissen

Make up maestro.

E Frames

Helpful & efficient, supported our RAH exhibition.

Emilie Bailey

Productions stills, band shooter.

Gail Smith Flowers

Unique and beautiful floral arrangements.

Georgia Broaders

Great style blog and wardrobe.

Gibson Guitars

Legendary Guitars.

HERS Agency

Food stylist talent pool.

Heston Blumenthal

Culinary wizard, food alchemist.

Jack Sargeson

Food wrestler extraordinaire.

James Murphy

Biting the advertising apple.

Jamie McCartney

Fish wrangler, erotic sculptor.

JJ Locations

Varied and fantastic shoot locations.

Joe Giacomet

Fly design, assistant.

Joe Short

Photographer, web designer, guitar hero.

Joseph Strinati

Let it snowboard, let it ski, let's do it all to music.

Lily Lam

The shoes, the dress and the wardrobe.

Mira Parmar

Fantastic Make-up Artist & Hair

Mr Fish

Fifties fish bar, great gherkins.


inspiration, great riffs.

Naked Artists

Hair and Make up talent.

Naomi Parry

She got style, ideas and wardrobe.

Nicole Fahri

Good cuts, smooth style.

Patrice de Villiers

Gave birth to LMLF, watching it grow, shooting it's heroes.

Paul King

Photographer, fixer and all round star.

Peartree Photo

Lighting, Cameras, Rental

Permajet Papers

Top Quality Inkjet Papers.

Plan 9

Make this site work. Website development and hosting.


Only stop Polaroid shop.

Pro Centre

Lighting rental.

RARE Design

Web design and communication.

Rosie Scott

Great with dripping syrup & all things food style related

Sarah Muir

Cookery with love, warmth and wit.

Sir Tom Baker

Punk suit, great style.

Smashbox Studios

Great location, fantastic studios. Well run, friendly and on site kit hire, we had a relaxed lovely shoot here with Sparks for LMLF.

Splice TV

The Editors, cutting craft.

Stanleys Post

Mirror mirror on the wall, make me fairer than them all. Creative, crafted post-production.


From stormy skies to giant size cherubs, always helpful and terrific selection of props.

Street Sudios

Great studios, friendly atmosphere.

Taylor’s of Harrogate

Exquisite tea from the dales, probably the best biscuits in the world.

The Lowry Hotel

Where it all began with a fire drill & aftershow chats. Great rooms, great staff & a hotel bar that only closes when you do

The Morrison

Scene of many a rock & roll adventure. Plays host to all the stars during the Oxygen festival & top marks for style, friendly staff plus all your modern musts such as a Mac in every room and Ipod docks, Great slippers too.

The New Rose

Lovely pub & great pint of tea, dedicated to comfort & good music.

The Printspace

Big thanks to all the folk here, quick & well crafted prints for the RAH exhibition.

Great studios, friendly atmosphere.


Art, books, ads, music, installations, design.

Wild at Heart

Wild with flowers.


Adam Corbett

07817 323845

Claudia Burlotti

07532 367543

Emma Dalzell

07764  498510

Gideon Marshall

07951 538 655

James Frew

Jasmine Blatt

07894 220757

Katherine Pisiolek

07790 752 897

Marie Absolom

07743  401166

Mark Brown

07974 662932

Pablo Antoli

07929  546744

Phil Dunlop

Robbie Maynard

07813 809994

Saskia Hofman-deGama

Tom Weatherill

07973  407443

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